Sunday, 26 August 2012

Events > McCafe, Sunway Pyramid

McCafe at Sunway Pyramid is now opened!

Product information: 
At McCafe®, every cup of quality coffee is crafted by professionally trained baristas. And while the quality is undeniable, what you’ll appreciate most is the unbeatable value. Starting from only RM4.50 for a cup of beautifully frothed Cappuccino, it’s quality coffee with probably the best value around. As it should be, so that it can be enjoyed by anybody who truly appreciates flavorful, quality coffee.

So come in for a cuppa and be smitten by the warm and friendly atmosphere. It’s time you experience coffee culture the McCafe® way, only at McDonald’s®.

Date of opening: 26th August 2012

Location: McCafe® at McDonald’s Sunway Pyramid

Business hours: 7am – 12 midnight