Wednesday, 27 March 2013

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Product information:
Clear Fine Gel by Exfo
Exfo Clear Fine Gel is a safe & gentle water-base facial exfoliant from Japan which is free from fragrance, colourant & preservatives that suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin.
It's gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. Used it to reveal a more radiant complexion that you used to have or to remove the eye-sore dry and dark skins at the elbows and knees area.
It is made up with Hydrolyzed collagen. It is a form of collagen which is a common skin supplement ingredients. usually derived from animal source such as fish and cattle. Hydrolyzed collagen consist of amino acids which helps to rebuild connective tissue and keeping the skin moisture, firm and smooth.

It also contains Sodium hyluronate : a sodium salt of hyluronicacid which is found mainly in the dermis of young skin. Hyluronic acid maintainskin volume or fullness by holding on to water. Sodium hyluronate is powerful humectants that attracts and holds on to moisture. Thus product that containssodium hyluronate help to replenish the hyluronic acid lost due to sun exposureand aging process. Keeping it supple, moisture and keeps fine line and wrinkles at bay.

For better result, after exfoliation with Clear Fine Gel, top it up with your favorite mask for maximum nutrients and goodness absorption into the skin.

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