Friday, 23 August 2013

Freebies > RMK Base Makeup Samples Giveaway (FREE DELIVERY)

Merchant information:
RMK is a unique cosmetics brand that holds firm roots within the New York makeup artistry scene and is carefully brought to life in dedicated laboratories in Japan. Seasonal collections, a vibrant spectrum of eyeshadow, cheek colours and lipsticks, fresh scents, natural edible ingredients, technologically advanced foundations and skincare. All of these rich and diverse elements are carefully put together to create RMK, with every product designed to create a feast for the senses, is simple and fun to use and above all delivers professional results.

RMK is now one of the leading cosmetics brands in the Beauty industry, and the top selling Makeup Artist brand in Japan.

Redemption details: Complimentary Samples giveaway from RMK's Best Selling Base Makeup Range.
(Fans living in the Klang Valley will receive an additional free skin consultation, while fans living outside of Klang Valley will receive their complimentary samples mailed to them.

Redemption period: Not stated

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